From 1 to 21 September in в Espumoso (Brazil) was held the festival "Mundo em Dança". It was attended by 300 participants from Poland, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Panama, Peru, Lithuania and Brazil.

"The festival was not of a competitive nature. The performances were based on a cultural show." said the festival director Rogerio Dambros."

In 2018, the groups visited 21 cities, where they were able to show their dances to thousands of people. In addition, the groups visited schools and exchanged knowledge and experience with children and teenagers.

"The schools they visited were decorated with the colors and culture of each country. The groups participated in parades. The festival offered free excursions and allowed participants to choose the trip they would like to make.", said in addition the director.

The festival "Mundo em dança" is being held in many cities in the state Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The organizers expect even more interest next year and you will be able to submit applications for the new edition in 2019 at the web page of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF.

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