The Dance and Music Festival was organized for the fifth time in the Croatian towns Zaton and Nin from 8 to 11 September. Hungarian, Estonian, Bulgarian and Romanian folk dance ensembles, choirs and wind orchestras - a total of 250 participants, met at the sixth edition of the festival and presented the folklore, songs and music of their countries.

The holiday resort of Zaton is 15 km from Zadar. It is famous for its sandy beach and large camping resort (Zaton Holiday Village or resort).  The wooded environment of the resort is beautiful and the beach is suitable for families with small children

"One of the performances took place on the open-air stage of the resort and the other in the old town of Nin. In addition to bathing and boat excursions the bands also participated in a sightseeing tour in Zadar.", informed the festival director Áron Kováts, who handed the participants gifts at the closing concert.

Photos from the event can be seen in the Facebook page of EAFF.

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