18 December 2018     Festivals  Festival-Contest 

The summer and autumn of 2019 may be most exciting for you if you include in your program participation in the Ethno-Folk Festival in New Delhi (India) with editions in July and October 2019. The exotic eastern country will fascinate you with culture and tourist attractions combined with luxurious comfort for art groups.

The conception of the organizers - to respond to the current world trends in the popularization of folklore culture in accordance with the requirements of UNESCO for actively promoting the dialogue between cultures and generations through folk art, is fulfilled.

The organizers will allow 10 groups with proven artistic excellence from all four corners of the world to participate. Art lovers will have the opportunity to explore different cultures and enjoy the dances from different countries as well as from India's provinces.

Applications can be submitted in the website of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF.

5th International ethnic Folklore Festival (New Delhi) INDIA - 10 - 16 July 2019

6th International ethnic Folklore Festival (New Delhi) INDIA - 16 - 22 October 2019

New Delhi is the official capital of India, located in the metropolitan area of Delhi. The city's present look is formed by an unusual mixture of many cultures, religions, ethnicities and customs that complement each other in an extremely perfect way and create the magnetism of the Indian capital.

The rich history and unique atmosphere of monumental architecture, intertwined with spiritual tolerance between different religions will make your visit to New Delhi and the festivals unforgettable.