Over 1 000 artists from 8 countries presented their traditions and culture at three festivals, that took place in December 2018 in the capital of Serbia - Belgrade. Guest singers, dancers and musicians from Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey and Hungary presented their traditions and culture, shared experiences and created new friendships with the hospitable hosts and each other.

140 participants from Bosnia, Hungary, Russia and Serbia participated in the International Gipsy Festival from 8 to 10 December.

About 300 artists from Greece (3 groups), Bulgaria (2 groups), Turkey, Bosnia and Serbia participated in the Winter International Folklore Festival, which took place from 13 to 17 December.

Several choirs from Serbia, 3 from Greece, 2 from Bulgaria and artists from Turkey, Bosnia and Slovenia - about 600 performers - participated in the second edition of the International Festival “Raspevani Dzivdzani" (Second edition). It took place from 15 to 17 December.

Final concert and closing ceremonies of the festival held in the concert hall "Kolarak" in the center of Belgrade known as one of the most acoustic concert halls in Europe where are manifested many famous conductors. All participating groups had the opportunity to perform their program in this wonderful place.

Representatives of the Ministry of Culture honored with their presence the concerts and the participating groups. At the end of their performance, each group received a diploma and a gift from the festival director, which was representative.

Some of the invited groups (which were staying more days) besides this final concert had the opportunity to present their program one evening before that, in another venue, also in the center of Belgrade.

All the groups were very pleased with their stay and participation in our festivals, and as a confirmation of this is the fact that several of them participated last year, said director of folklore events, Milutin Lukic.

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