15 February 2019     Championships  Interesting facts  Eurofolk TV 

Children's songs and dance ensemble "Mkhedruli" from Kobuleti (Georgia) won the annual ranking of Eurofolk TV Championship in 2018. TV contest was broadcasted in January announcing the final winners of the 12th months of 2018 in three categories: "Folklore songs", "Folklore dances" and "Individual performers". Rankings were made by the number of voters sent to e-mail: eaff@eaff.eu.

The winners of "Mkhedruli" are also winners of Golden medal in "Group of folklore dancers - modern choreography, children" category and Nomination for Grand Prix of the VIII World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2018. The children's choreographer is Badri Tsetskhladze. The ensemble was founded in 2003 and took part in many countries in Europe, including Bulgaria in 2015 on the Vth World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" when the group won the Special award of Obzor City Hall.

Winners of the annual prize "Folklore song for 2018" are the performers from the Music group "Kolintang Kawanua Jakarta (K2J)" at "Bina Kreatifitas Anak Bangsa" Foundation, Indonesia. They were participants in the VIII World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2018 where they presented Indonesian folklore songs and classic songs accompanied by kolintang - typical for Sulawesi island. With this instrument the musicians enter the Guinness Book of Records - they participate in a common performance of 1200 instruments kolintang. They are also winners in a National championship in Indonesia.

In "Folklore dances for 2018" category, the winners are performers from Folklore ensemble "Balgarani" at "Ensemble for folklore dances Balgarani" Association - Sofia, Bulgaria. They are Absolute world champions of folklore in 2015. The title was won during the Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore. The same year, ensemble won Bronze medal and Bronze "Orpheus" in the V World Championship of Folklore "World Folk". During the seventh edition of the same championship in 2017, the ensemble won the Golden medal in "Folklore ensembles - processed performances" categories, the title World champion of folklore in 2017 and Special award from Burgas Municipality.

Bola Choi and Jooyeon Lee - students in the Korea National University of Arts in Seoul (South Korea), were the winners in the "Individual performers" category.  Both of them were participants in the VIII World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2018. The song „Pansori Simcheongga” is in the UNESCO's list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and tells about the sacrifice of a young girl in the name of her father's healing. It is performed with sad and tragic voice because of the drama the song carries.

Performances included in the European TV championship "Euro folk 2018" are broadcasted on the World Internet TV - EuroFolk TV. The competition can also involve individual performers, who were part in the Musical Feasts - Euro folk as well as groups that met the regulation for participation in the TV Championship.