11 June 2019     Festivals 

The X International Folklore Dance and Music Festival "PARALIA SUMMER FESTIVAL" was held in the period 6-10 June, 2019. The event was held in the summer tourist resort Paralia, Katerini (Greece). 12 ensembles from Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Italy took part in the folklore forum. More than 400 participants presented folklore richness of their nation in the best possible way. 

Director of the festival Zoran Strezovski welcomed the groups' leaders on June 6th. 

On June 7th, a reception was organized for all participants who enjoyed singing and dancing on "Aloha" Beach in Paralia.
The first festival evening took place on June 8th at the Olympic Beach, and the second one was a concert in the popular tourist resort of Paralia.
The participants had the opportunity to visit the large Meteora monastery complex, sail yachts and enjoy the warm Aegean Sea.