XXI International Folklore Festival "Alexander the Macedonian" was held from 18 to 22 July 2019 in Ohrid, northern Macedonia. 11 groups with over 450 performers from Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland and Turkey participated in the forum.

"The participants were accommodated in one of Ohrid's finest hotels, so after all they were happy with their stay," said Milenko Andreski, director of the festival.

The musical feast was celebrated with two festival nights, in which the groups presented in the best light the national treasures of their homeland, through dance, songs and acting. A university orchestra also participates in the forum.

During the first festival evening were held games of a competitive nature, where 3 of the best formations won medals: gold, silver and bronze.

In their spare time, groups had the opportunity to visit the most the most the most emblematic attractions and beaches that the town can provide. They enjoyed the beauty of the Orthodox Churches "St. John the Theologian", "St. Sophia" and "St. Clement and Panteleimon". Visitors to Northern Macedonia visited the Samuil Fortress and the Ancient TheaterThe National workshop on handmade paper they saw a technique of more than 1,000 years for paper making. The performers sailed by boat on Ohrid Lake, enjoying the monastery of St. Naum, where one of the participants proposed marriage to his girlfriend.

Each of the groups was accompanied by a tour guide in English, Bulgarian, Turkish and Polish.

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