12 August 2019     Festivals 

The International Folklore Festival "DUFLLA" was held from 2nd to 4th August, 2019 in Rashche, Municipality of Saraj in North Macedonia. The event was attended by more than 420 performers from 7 countries, who presented folklore dances and songs in front of more than 2,500 spectators.

The Grand Prix "DUFLLA" was awarded to Ensemble "ILIRIDA" from North Macedonia.

Ensemble "DIBRA" from Albania won the first place, Ensemble "STUDIO FOLK" from North Macedonia - the second and Ensemble "LIRIA" from Montenegro - the third place.

"Thesaret Labe" from Greece won the Mayor's prize.

The most impressive performances in the concerts held during the festival, were awarded in the following categories:

The most complete stage presentation -  Ensemble "DRITA E DERVENIT", North Macedonia

The Best Choreography - Ensemble "BEHAR", Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Best Rhapsode - Idriz Çilafi - "EDUARD HOXHA", Albania

The most popular Folk Group - "FUSHE ARREZ", Albania

The most authentic presentation at the Festival - Ensemble "LILJAN", North Macedonia

The Best Recital - Ibrahim Krosi - "BARDHA BERISHA", North Macedonia

The most complete traditional outfits - Ensemble "SHQIPONJAT", North Macedonia

The best dancer (male) - Ilir Loku, North Macedonia

The best dancer (female) - Sejda Cejahic, North Macedonia

Public Prize - Ensemble "SHQIPONJAT", North Macedonia

The Media Prize - Ensemble "DRITA E DERVENIT", North Macedonia