25 August 2019     Championships 

In addition to the seven five-hour concert programs, the participants in the IX World Championship of Folklore “World folk 2019, representing the musical and dance variety of Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Ukraine, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Yakutia (Russia), Iran, Korea and Inner Mongolia (China), will also take part in the accompanying events.

On 28 August the Old town of Nessebar will host the “Parade of nations, where will perform nearly 300 of Championships participants. The accompanying program also includes two Meetings of nations - “Friends in Diversity” and a Ceramics drawing workshop, involving groups from different countries.

For the first year, in the period 26-29 August, simultaneously with the World Championship of Folklore, in Nessebar will be held International Scientific Conference Living Cultural Heritage - Safeguarding, Practices, Information Technologies. The European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF organizes the initiative jointly with: Euro Folk Academy, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore sciences to Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics to BAS, St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, Russia. The events, accompanying the conference, are: Documentary exhibition of the Scientific Archive at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences "Mihail Arnaudov - A Life Dedicated to Bulgaria and Science", Photo exhibition "Folklore - shared knowledge. Past, present, future.", Discussions on issues, related to the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage and Training School Master Class "Accordion Kravtsov".

During the music festival, participants will have the opportunity to participate in excursions to different destinations in Bulgaria, so they could explore the architectural, historical and natural landmarks of the country.

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