The International scientific conference "Living Cultural Heritage - Safeguarding, Practices, Information Technologies" (LCH-2019) was held in the frames of the IX World Championship of Folklore "World Folk 2019". The beginning was set on August 26th, 2019 when Galya Gospodinova, Dr at Scientific Archive - BAS opened the Documentary exhibition of Scientific Archive of BAS named "Mihail Arnaudov - life, dedicated to Bulgaria and the science". 

Photoexhibition "Folklore - shared knowledge. Past. Present. Future" that is also part of the events accompanying the conference, was opened by Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov - president of the World Association of Folklore Festivals and Galina Bogdanova - Prof. Assoc. Dr at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at BAS. The Exhibition includes more than 100 photos captured by the official photographer of EAFF - Georgi Nutsov. 

Highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of the conference, Vanya Mateeva Assoc. Prof. Dr. Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum (IEFEM) at BAS opened the first session of the LCH Conference. The reports and presentations showed in the framework of the scientific forum were distributed in 6 sessions, revealing the different perspectives of leading specialists related to the presentation and preservation of the living cultural inheritance.

The subjects of some of the reports: "The revival of the Thracian heritage in the Begliktash shrine: Admirated, problematic, real", "Information Technology Researches of Living Heritage: Shared experiences and alternatives of building a unified network"; "Activities in the Community centers for the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage"; "Folklore festivals - a modern method of preserving the living cultural heritage", "Pilgrimage Cultural Road The Holy Road". Many other developments and online reports were also presented at the event, some of which even linked indirectly St. Petersburg and the Bulgarian Black Sea.

To organize the initiative, the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF worked jointly with: Euro Folk Academy, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research with the Ethnographic Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at BAS, St. Petersburg State Institute for Culture, Russia. 

On 28 August 2019, the International scientific conference was closed with a round table discussing issues related to the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage, the role of non-governmental organizations and ways of promoting good practices.

The results of the conference will be published afre review in online series, registered in NACID (National center for information and documentation website), which will be dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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