29 August 2019     Festivals 

The International festival for folklore, choral and modern art "Bar 2019" was held in the period August 21-25, 2019 in Bar, Montenegro. The town is located on the Adriatic coast. Event has the aim of showing the art of more than 320 performers. "Bar 2019" unified the representatives of different cultures through the dances, songs, music and interesting national costumes. Choirs and groups for folklore and modern dances, from Poland, Estonia and Montenegro presented their artistry and creativity on the stage, creating intercultural dialogue though the traditional and modern dance styles. They combined the old and the new in a time frame that takes viewers from the past to the present. Participants found new friends, they got acquainted with various customs.

During the festivals days, the groups experienced a boat trip in the Adriatic Sea, they explored the beauty and mysticism of of the Medieval Old town of Bar. After the concert, the artistic directors of the groups received diplomas for successful presentation in the program. On the official ceremony, the groups exchanged gifts to remind them of the wonderful experience at the festival.