30 August 2019     Festivals 

More than 400 participants representing 10 groups from Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic took part in the VII International Music and Folk - Dance Festival “BAR FEST. The forum was held in the period 15 - 23 August 2019 – in Bar, Montenegro.

The festival evening was preceded by a parade, which showed the variety of traditional costumes, embodying all national traits, which preserve the past and maintain the identity of the peoples.

The performances took place at the Central Square in the town of Bar. At the ceremony for awarding of diplomas and gifts, Mr. Zoran Strezovski – director of the festival, emphasized his admiration for the wonderful performance of the ensembles. The spectators of the event enjoyed the rich music and dance program.

After the performances, all participants danced together at traditional Montenegrin music. In their spare time, the groups explored the sights of Budva, sailed by boat, enjoyed the warm Adriatic Sea and the beautiful sandy beaches.