9 September 2019     Festivals 

The absolute winner of this year's 16th edition of the “Black Sea Fest Euro folk”, which took the Grand Prix and the award “Golden Orpheus” for 2019 is Children and Youth Folk Dance Ensemble “Yuzhnyache” to “Nikola Y.Vaptsarov” Community center - Stamboliyski. The artistic director of the group is Mrs. Zhaneta Ivanova, who was awarded the title "Mastro".

Mrs. Ivanova turned to the audience, the participants and the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF with the words: “I thank from my heart and wish success to the organizers of this wonderful festival, the competent jury and the whole team, whose purpose is to preserve the traditions, which is incredible and invaluable. We hope that we have contributed at least a little bit to this process.”.

Nearly 100 vocal groups, dance groups, orchestras, ensembles and individual performers from Bulgaria, Croatia and Iran made the “Black Sea Fest Euro Folk” more than just an art field. From September 4 to September 9 in two settlements on the South Bulgarian Black Sea coast - Tsarevo and Kiten nearly 1000 singers, dancers and musicians of all ages have inspired the forum, expressing their love for folklore, conveying to the audience the desire and passion to preserve the tradition of magic for generations to come.

During the official closing ceremony of the festival, the jury with chairman Maestro Georgi Yankov (choir conductor) and members: Mr. Damian Damyanov (choreographer) and Mrs. Mariana Nutsova (ethnologist and program director of Internet TV Euro Folk), awarded the First Awards “Golden Orpheus” in the respective genre categories to the following artists and ensembles:

Category “Folklore songs, authentic folklore” –  Folklore formation “Kenar” to “Saglasie” Community center, Teteven.

Category “Folklore songs, processed folklore” –  Mixed folklore choir to “Napredak 1869” Community center, Pirdop.

Category “Folklore dances, modern choreography” – “Mitan” Dance group from Ardabil, Iran.

Category “Folklore dances, modern choreography” – Children's dance group
“Madzheri” to “Svetlina 2013” Beguntsi village.

Category “Groups for recreation of folk customs” – Group for authentic folklore “Klobuchka kitka” to “Kruger Nikolov 1922” Peshtera village, Municipality of Zemen.

Category “Folklore ensembles – authentic folklore” – KUD “Pušća” – Zagreb, Croatia.

In the previous days of the Fest, the jury awarded the first awards “Golden Orpheus” in genre categories to: Vocal trio “Avliga” from the town of Dupnitsa; Dobrinka Statelova – individual performer of old urban songs from Lyaskovets; Emsemble “Georgi Chilingirov” Polkovnik Serafimovo village, Female group to Ensemble “Ograzhdenski glasove” from the village of Lebnitsa and Female chamber group from Svilengrad.

The best performing participants also received the recognition of the hosts of the event:

The special award of the Town Hall Kiten with Mayor Katya Valcheva – Certificates for preservation, promotion and worthy presentation at this year's Black Sea Fest and statuette - received the groups from “Nadezhda 1900” Community village – Chavdar village, Municipality of Chavdar.

The special award of the Municipality of Tsarevo with the mayor Georgi Lapchev  - Certificate of Attendance and Gift Set went to Dance group “Milanovo” to ”Probuda 1927” Community center - Milanovo village, Municipality of Svoge.

In addition to the diplomas, the groups also received points for ranking in the World Ranking list of Folklore.

The President of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov, officially closed this year's 16th edition of the “Black Sea Fest  Euro Folk” with the words: “16 years, during which the scenes at the Black Sea Council in Tsarevo and Kiten welcomed more than 20,000 performers, passed unnoticed. After 16 years, we continue to struggle for the preservation of our identity, for preservation of traditions, striving to pass them on from our ancestors to our children - this is the most valuable mission of the musical feast.”