During August 16-19, 2019, with the support of “Ruspomoshch” Charitable Foundation, the local branch of the United Russia party, Council of “Lianozovo” district of Moscow, “Bogorodskoye” Cossack Society, the Cossack Information and Analytical Center, Park “Sokolniki”, Park “Lianozovo” Culture Development Foundation of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East “Severnaya raduga” held the 3rd edition of the International Music and Dance Festival “Friends in Moscow”. The aim of festival is to promote folk art and introduce unique cultural traditions of multi-national Russia to other countries and peoples. The idea of the festival is the development of public diplomacy and the establishment of friendship and peace on earth through music and dance.

More than 300 participants from India, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, the Donetsk People’s Republic as well as Russian groups from Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Ulyanovsk, Nalchik, Tula, Ivanovo, Moscow and Moscow region participated in the festival.

At the Opening Ceremony held at Lianozovo park the participants were greeted by Zhurkova Marina - the head of the municipal district Lianozovo, Moscow; Didenko Anastasia - Chief Advisor to the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) under the President of the Russian Federation; Maslak Grigoriy - Head of Local Office of United Russia Party, Lianozovo District, Moscow and Borisova Alexandra – President of the Culture Development Foundation of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East “Severnaya raduga” – festival director.

Festival concerts were held in the parks of Lianozovo and Sokolnitsi. Surprise for the citizens and guests of Moscow was the parade of participants, where were showed the colors of national costumes and traditions of participants.

The most exciting moment in the forum was the creative competition that took place in the "Moscow" concert hall in the Park-Hotel "Olimpiets". The chairman of the jury was honored artist of the Russian federation, professor and member-correspondent of the Pedagogical Academy and Social Sciences, the winner of Order "Professional of Russia" - Nikolai Ivanovich Golodenko. The jury consisted of: Zabara Valeriy Valerievich - director of the "First Baltic Channel" (Baltic Media Alliance) and the projects: The voice of Latvia, The voice of Latvia Kids; Orlov Mihail Ivanovich -  director of the "First Baltic Channel" (Baltic Media Alliance) and editor of Russian radio; Kuznetsov Sergey Aleksandrovich - ballet master in the Municipal Autonomous Institution "Cultural and Entertainment System", artistic director of the National dance ensemble "Varenka" (Tula). 

The Grand Prix in the children's category was awarded to Gavrilev Dyulushan at the Center of Culture, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), artistic director - Popov Georgy Ivanovich,

The Grand Prix in the adults' category was awarded to Vocal ensemble of the Kazakh chamber choir of Aktobe Regional Philharmonic named after G. Zhubanova from Kazakhstan, artistic director: Kuspanov Merbol Orazbekovich.

In the nomination “Choreography. Folk dance", the winners are:
VIRSA IN POP CULTURE CLUB from India, art director - Ravinder Singh; Folk dance group "NYANCE" from Bulgaria, artistic director - Stoyanov Zlatan; Dance group "ALAGAR DALBARDARA" from Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), artistic director - Efremova Anfisa Egorovna; Dance group "ARCHY" from Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) with teacher- choreographer Vasilieva Anastasia.

The festival performances and the parade were highlighted at National Broadcasting Company “NVK” of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic and several popular newspapers “Vechernaya Moskva”, “AiF” and others.

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