25 November 2019     Festivals  Festival-Contest 

Enjoy the colorful spring in Amsterdam and the beauty of world-renowned museums and beautiful historic sites, fabulous water channels and amazing flower beds.

You can also join one of the forums that will be held in the Netherlands' capital - IV International folklore festival in Amsterdam and International dance competition "Amsterdam Dance Open" from 26th to 29th of March 2020.

If you are performer who can show authentic, processed or stylized dances, songs, customs and you want to present your art in front of Netherlands' audience without taking part in a competition programs, you can take part in the IV International folklore festival in Amsterdam. Forum will give you the opportunity to combine the promotion of folklore art, meeting new cultures and nations and sightseeing in Amsterdam.

If you are a soloist, part of a duet, trio or a group of dances and you want to win the Cup for first, second and third place in a competition, you are able to join the International dance competition "Amsterdam Dance Open" performing in one of the following categories: Open, Contemporary/Modern, Classic Ballet, Jazz Style, Art, Musical Theater, Folk, Tap, Acro Style, B Boying, Hop Style, Street Style, Disco Style, Production Number, Street Jazz/Funky, Jazz/MTV, Oriental/Belly, Cheerleading, Latin Show, Standard Show, Majorette, Fit Kid.

Both musical events promise to provide incredible experience and unforgettable emotions!