The International folklore festival "Red Sands" will take place from 27th of October till 1st of November 2020 in Morocco where you can enjoy the beauty of the desert sand dunes of Sahara.

Host of the festival is one of the most ancient towns of Morocco - Safi. Safi is located on the Atlantic coast and is known for its aromatic sardines. Although Morocco is only a few kilometers from Europe, life there is quite different. This place, rich in centuries-old traditions and architectural masterpieces, will combine the world's folklore diversity, as it combines Islamic philosophy and European culture.

Become part of the noisy life on the colorful Moroccan streets by joining the International Folklore Festival "Red Sands" and its accompanying events - concerts, master classes, joint events for learning about local art, exchanging experience between performers and cultural training.

The Arabian tale, in addition to being a perfect organization in providing a field of expression, will also give you the opportunity to get to know more of the vast country - through additional excursions to Essaouira, Casablanca or Makaresh.

Don't miss the incredible opportunity - to visit one of the most desirable tourist destinations and to present the beauty of your folklore!

Many folklore dance groups, orchestras and vocal groups have already submitted their applications for participation in the International folklore festivals "Red Sands". You can also do it - here!


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