Mr Kaloyan Nikolov - president of EAFF will participate in the 14th session of the Committee UNESCO which will be held in Bogota, Colombia from 9th till 13th of December. He will be part of the preliminary meetings of ICH NGO Forum: Pre-14.COM that is going to be held on 7th and 8th December 2019.

Program prepared by the Steering Committee of ICH NGO FORUM involve the participants in the following activities:

On December 7th, the activities of participants are related to a workshop for capacity development, plenary session and introduction to the seminar, group work for newly accredited NGOs and newcomers to COM, workshop on the advisory functions of accredited NGOs. The work aims to introduce them into the Convention, to familiarize them with key terms and the role of NGOs in its implementation at international, regional and national levels.

Six groups will work on the regional needs, opportunities and capacity-building challenges. President of EAFF will be part of the second electorate group. The day will conclude with a discussion and report at the plenary session, as well as a presentation on the role of NGOs in protecting ICH in Colombia.

On the next day, December 8th, the subject for the intangible cultural heritage in urban contexts will be discussed, organized in collaboration with the National Cultural Heritage Council of Singapore, the reform of the listing mechanism - how NGOs can contribute to addressing old and new challenges and project proposals, prepared by the Working Groups and the Steering Committee.