The new promotional video for the Asian Championship of Folklore illustrates the continuity between past and present. The video's storyline features synthesized footage of the impressive performances that captivated the Mongolian scene during last year's Championship.

In line with Asian traditions and the mysticism of nature, in 2020 will be organized a grand folklore event, which will be held from June 10 to June 15 in the Mongolian capital - Ulaanbaatar.

The attractive scenes from the short film can liven up and make the Mongolian fairy tale come true for folklore ensembles, singing and dancing groups, choirs, clubs for folk dances, groups for old urban songs, brass and folk orchestras, individual performers and duets.

Folklore formations from Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Indonesia and India have already submitted applications to participate in this large-scale project aimed at preservation and dissemination of the ancient Asian traditions.

You also have the chance to become part of the diverse program of the cultural event, presenting your customs, musical instruments, national costumes and dance interpretations.

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