Earlier this month, EAFF conducted a survey to optimize the workflow. The processing of the results obtained through the research has informed us that half of the EAFF's questionnaire responders find information about the activities and the wide variety of festivals on the Association's website.

If you are part of this group, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where you can read more about the EAFF's activity. The survey of 12 questions has provided information that the trust in EAFF is the main criterion by which respondents choose the festival in which they will participate.

After this factor, the importance of the destination, the edition of the event, the credibility of the organizers, the price, the feedback from other participants are ranked in descending order.

The fact-finding method also illustrates that, according to 93% of the respondents to the questionnaire, the EAFF website provides the necessary amount of information.

The number of voters who  prefer to participate in competitive forums prevails. The question about the reason for the rejection of already approved applications to participate in the festivals shows that the most common reason is the financial one. The following substantive reasons are related to organizational problems within the team and those with the event organizers.

The analysis of the survey shows that 70.4% of the participants have difficulties in finding funds for participation in festivals. 

By synthesizing data on the type of the group you are a member of, the number of performers in it and the frequency of visits to international forums, as well as the above indicators - we will intensify the work of EAFF and satisfy your interests.

Thank you for being a part of our survey!