The Balaton lake in Western Hungary will welcome the performing arts of folklore groups, orchestras, majorette groups, groups for modern dances and music performers from all over the world. 

From 19th to 22th of June 2020, the town of Keszthely will combine festive mood of participants, the atmosphere of the area and the celebrations for the "Night of St. Ivan" in the both concerts on the Balaton coast.
Organizer of the "St Ivan’s Days", Mr Aron Kovats established the event as one of the most prestigious in the years and can boast with three extremely successful past editions, followed by this year's fourth, which promises to be amazing and unforgettable.

In addition to presenting the most attractive excerpts from their repertoire in the concerts, during the festival days, participants will be able to enjoy a boat trip on the freshwater lake with remarkable milky green waters, stroll along the beautiful beaches and learn about the local culture.

The nature in this Hungarian area is remarkable - vineyards, volcanic mountains, balneological resorts and a national park. The beautiful scenery and warm water whose average summer temperature is 25°, make it an even more irresistible destination.

The fourth largest palace in Hungary, built in the Baroque style in 1745, is also located in Keszthely. Today it is known as the Helikon Castle Museum and presents the only intact, aristocratic library in the country, composed of 100,000 volumes.

The combination of the leading tourist destination and the high level of organization in holding the "St. Ivan's Day" event is not to be missed, so hurry to apply for participation in the forum, because the places are limited!

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