The second edition of the Balkan Folklore Festival EDIRNE 2020 will establish a cultural exchange between the Balkan states from 27th to 30th of June. It is a concomitant event of the 659th edition of Turkey's largest Festival oil wrestling included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is held every year in Edirne Fighting Tournament "Kirkpainar".

Respect for traditions and customs is the unifying value of both events, which attracts thousands of spectators and gives particular importance to the national traditions of the Balkan nations.

The aim of the Folklore festival in Edirne is to encourage the creativity, to present the folklore and cultural traditions of the Balkan peoples at one stage.

All the participants, no matter of the age, can take part in the festival's concert at the stage in the center of the town of Edirne, also in the opening ceremony of the Festival oil wrestling and the colorful parade.

For the second consecutive year, at the end of June, dance, singing and instrumental folklore ensembles and groups for processed and traditional folklore will create a musical feast.

Certificates and plaques will show the appreciation of the organizers to all the groups that have become part of the folklore event. The interesting cultural and historical sights which they will visit and see, will make the stay of the performers even more exciting.

The director of the Festival, Mrs. Galina Panayotova, invites everyone who wish to participate in the forum, to present the traditions of their nations in order to connect the creativity of the Balkan peoples in an unforgettable way.

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