20 March 2020     Festivals 

A whole world will become alive on one scene in India when performers from different corners of the world will share the love of culture, traditions and heritage passed from generation to generation.

The 1st edition of the Telangana International Ethnic Folklore Festival will be held in the heart of the capital of Telengana - Hyderabad (India). The event will provide cultural and tourist activities in combination with luxury comfort in the period from 18th to 23rd of November 2020.

The Telangana International Ethnic Folklore Festival aims to distinguish the beauty, cultural unity and diversity of world folklore groups by presenting unique eternal traditions and supporting the work of folklore artists.

Mission of the organizers is to promote and preserve international cultural heritage and especially folklore arts. Only 10 international dance and music groups will be selected to make the trip to Hyderabad and proudly present the traditions of their country on the Indian stage.

In addition to international ensembles, 10-15 national dance groups will show the Indian talent with the help of colorful national costumes and dazzling smiles.

The festival will welcome about 400-500 performers, as well as a huge crowd of 10,000 to 20,000 spectators, creating a unique event bringing together hundreds who speak the universal language of music and dance.

Telangana's capital, Hyderabad, is India's sixth most populous city and home to a vibrant multicultural society. The host city offers a variety of tourist attractions - from heritage sites to lakes and parks, gardens and resorts, museums, restaurants with exquisite cuisine, and shopping opportunities.

Filled with history and heritage, Hyderabad attracts visitors from all over the world with its ancient Indo-Islamic buildings, fortresses and museums. The Musi River divides the city into two parts - a historic area full of narrow alleys and unusual tea rooms, and a modern area where high-end shopping malls and restaurants are everywhere.

Sightseeing in Hyderabad is not complete without a visit to one of its vibrant centuries-old bazaars, while the surrounding area has a variety of national parks, zoos and wildlife reserves.

You can apply for participation in the Telangana International Ethnic Folklore Festival 2020, where you can experience an Indian fairytale and also to receive certificates of good performance and beautiful trophy, with which the forum organizers will express their gratitude to all participants who will join the event.