We continue our series of archival videos that captured the unique creative performances at the festival scenes of EAFF.

Main character in today's video is the individual performer Mr Ateha who presents specific singing technique which combines the basic tone with the overtones. The specific sound that the artist practices is known as throat singing and allows him to demonstrate the entire vocal range of the number of executable tones - from the lowest to the highest. Mr. Ateha showed how foreign classical songs can be sung through this unconventional type of voice sound. 

Performer is from Inner Mongolia, China, and his hometown Ulaan Khad is a historic site associated with Genghis Khan's imperial guard.

In his interview with Eurofolk TV, the singer says: "I have been practicing throat singing for many years and every time I sing in this way I pray to heaven. I never forget that throat singing is not only music, it is more, it is filled with a lot of spirituality. The sound of this singing can cure various ailments and human suffering…"

The artist received Golden medal and nomination for the Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus" at the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2019. His performance was also highly evaluated in the final ranking of the forum, where he received the honorary third place, Bronze medal and Bronze "Orpheus".

Learn more about this unusual folklore art in the video!