Music group "BALTI" at Cultural and Educational Center of Babite Municipality, Latvia performed the "Wedding song" during the V World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2015.  The group is winner of the Golden medal, title "World champion of folklore in 2015" in "Folklore instrumental groups" category and the nomination for the Grand Prix Golden "Orpeus" of the Championship.

Musicians perform Latvian folklore melodies, sing traditional songs, play classic and modern music. All the performers in the group studied in music school and some of them had already graduated but continue to play the Latvian music instrument "kokle".

Traditional Latvian folklore string music instrument is included in the cultural canon of Latvia. The kokles has a hollow trapezoidal body that's topped with a thin ornated wooden soundboard. A distinct feature that sets kokles apart from most of the other string instruments is that the strings don't rest on a bridge, making the sound quieter, but richer in timbre.The strings may be of brass or steel. Traditionally, there were 6–9 strings which in the nowadays were increased to 10 and even 20.

The lower string usually plays the role of a "bourdon" - it sounds continuous. The sound produced by the kokle depends on the type of wood the instrument is made of - linden or birch are used for non-professional instruments, and instruments made of maplewood are used for professional and academic concerts. The national musical symbol of Latvia has a rich history, since the first written information about it dates from the 15th century, when it was first used by the Baltic tribes.

Musicians usually play the instrument while they are seated, straining the necessary strings with the right hand, and muting those producing unnecessary sound with the left. When playing kokle, the performers put it on the table and less often on their knees, and while they are moving they hang it on their neck.

Enjoy the amazing "Wedding Song" played with the national Latvian music symbol!

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