The performers from Folklore Ensemble “Kencana Pradipa” to the Faculty of Psychology at University of Indonesia - Depok, who performed at the World Championship of Folklore “World Folk” 2017, presented their incredible dance skills. 

The ensemble was fully deservedly awarded with the gold medal and won the title  “World champion of folklore 2017” in the category “Folklore ensembles – processed performances”, as well as a nomination for Grand Prix “Golden Orpheus”.

“We prepared four dances: the Dance of the thousand hands “Saman”, the dance for the power of women from West Java ”Wanoja bentang”, the dance “Kemband selaras”, whose name from Batavian Malay translates as “flower”. The last component of our repertoire was “Papeda” from Papu.”, tells the artistic director of the folklore group - Mrs. Winda Berlianta Tia.

The ensemble “Kencana Pradipa” was established in 2007, and its performers had danced on the stages of Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Hungary and Bulgaria. In order to achieve the high artistic value of their performances, the representatives of “Kencana Pradipa” have been rehearsing for months.Indonesian dancers love to compete with other foreign groups and are convinced that they must preserve their culture and show the beauty of their country to the world.

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