Mood, temperament and joy typical for the Lithuanian folklore are shown in the performances of Folklore ensemble "Ratilelis" at the Ethnographic Cultural Center - Kaunas during the Competition "World Folk" 2017. The group received the Golden medal and the title "World champion of folklore" in 2017 in the "Folklore ensembles - authentic folklore, children's age group" category. "Ratilelis" is winner of Nomination for the Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus". 

Folklore group was founded in 1991 and the name "Ratilelis" means circle and symbolizes the the circle of life. Ensemble has taken part in festivals in Norway, Poland, Hungary, Italy and Bulgaria. In 2010 the group si announced as the best folklore ensemble in Lithuania. In the same year, the performers took part in a festival  in Bulgaria - part of the Music Feast "Euro Folk" and also won the Golden medal and the Golden "Orpheus" of the forum. Artistic director of the ensemble - Mrs. Alvyda Cesienė was awarded with the title of Maestro.

Program of the Ensemble is divided into two parts. The first part is connected with the nature of Lithuania - dances recreate the movements of animals. The second part presents the sounds of the past that "rings" in the young people. Musical instruments using in the group are authentic, made by craftsmen and masters on models of exhibits from museums in the country.

The video clip shows an instrument made by goat horn used by shepherds and an instrument used for inviting people on celebrations and sending off soldiers to war. Orchestra includes also well-known instruments such as cymbals and bagpipes which are adapted to the style and temperament of Lithuanian folklore.

Enjoy the performances and learn more from the interview with the artistic director of Ensemble "Ratilelis" in the video.


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