Folklore dance group "Pastalnieki" at the NGO "Pastalnieki" - Jekabpils, Latvia is winner of Golden medal, the title "World champion of folklore 2017" in "Group for folklore dances, processed folklore - children's age group" category and the momination for Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus".
The group's history started 33 years ago during which they took part in many festivals in Denmark, Spain, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria. Performers have great repertoire of dances and customs and work with their own choreographies. The group consists of more than 250 children and adults who dance together and apart.
Presenting different dance interpretations of Latvian folklore art creates fun and joy for the kids on the stage of the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2017.
You can see their happy eyes, their beautiful costumes and part of their amazing dances!

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