The new edition of the magazine EAFF-REVIEW MAGAZINE that reveals curious details about the spreading of folklore art in the period January - May 2020 is issued.

The subject of the edition is related to the COVID-19 pandemic which proves one more time that the millennial traditions presented by the folklore are unifiers in the most difficult global periods.

28 review articles in the richly illustrated magazine reveal the multifaceted exchange of inspiration and promotion of talents around the world. 

The 13th issue of the magazine begins with information about the organization of festival forums in Turkey, the Czech Republic and Spain. Information about the largest and most attractive past festival events held at the beginning of the year in Georgia, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina is also presented. 

From the reading you will find out who won the Eurofolk TV Championship for 2019, what is the official announcement for the International Dance Day, what are the conditions for participation in the special online edition of "Asia Folk 2020", what is the short film for the International Competition Festival "SNOWY OSCAR 2020” and who won the first place in the World Folklore Rankings for 2019.

The guide to the world of festival art also presents curious information about the first holding of the Festival of Church Chants "St. Dimitar" which will be held from 22 to 25 October 2020 and will enable choirs to perform in some of the most emblematic historical churches in Bulgaria.

You will learn more about the inexhaustible power and magical impact of 6 folk dances, distinguished worldwide, the beauty of Moldovian folklore art, the launch of the UNESCO Web Platform "Living Heritage Experiences and the COVID-19 Pandemic", as well as educational distance solutions offered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

We invite you on a virtual dance journey from Venezuela to Japan, we pass on the festive charge of the "Parade of Nations" and inform you about the change of dates in the summer festival "Euro Folk - Black Sea 2020".

You will also read about the musical instruments - symbols of Inner Mongolia, the mask as an expressive dance accessory and the dance as an integral part of the holidays.

Read these and more exciting stories now in the electronic edition of EAFF - REVIEW MAGAZINE.