Dance ensemble "Ludi mladi" at "Sava Dobroplodni" Secondary school - Shumen, Bulgaria is winner of golden medal in the category "Group for folklore dances, modern choreography, children" and the Nomination for the Grand Prix of the World Cup of Folklore that was held in Veliko Tarnovo in 2019.

Art director of the group, Boris Ivanov shared in front of the cameras: "The Cup is to be won with ambitions, lot of work and not last - eagerness".

The majority of the group's participants learn "choreography" in school and other "fine arts", "informational technologies". Some of them are in music classes and all of them are united by the love in the folklore.

One of the biggest achievements of the ensemble is the first place and the golden medals that they won in the World cup of dances in Sitges (Spain). "Ludi mladi" participate in the Music Feats "Euro Folk" for the fourth time, and their connection with folklore forums aimed at preserving and promoting traditional folk arts dates back to 5 years ago.

Performers had presented their skills with the dances, named "Koledari", "Srednogorki" and "Dunavski tants".

You can see the joy of the performers from the prestigiously awarded group in the video!

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