The meeting of nations within the IX World Championship of Folklore "World folk" 2019 was held under the slogan "Friends in diversity".

On August 25, 2019 was held the first exchange of singing, dancing and musical skills between different cultures. The exchange of gifts for a keepsake from the event made the celebration even more exciting.

"We showed our folk song and traditional dance - a dance in which we express ourselves," said Linga Uzhule, representative of the choir "Undine" at the Cultural Center - Carnikava, (Latvia).

The artistic director of the Mezzo Forte Orchestra from Otopeni, Romania, Marian Alexandru, said: “It was very nice. It's a very good idea, because music and dance make friends because they are very close to hearts and unite people. "

The individual performer Mr. Ateha from the city of Ulaan Khad (Inner Mongolia, China) had the opportunity to present throat singing - traditional and very valuable to his people.

The ensemble "Songs Guru" - Ordos (Inner Mongolia, China) performed a national celebration song and traditional festive dance. "We really liked the event, it was wonderful. We are very happy that we had the opportunity to present our art to the world through this stage." shared the artistic director of the ensemble - Mr. Murun.  The ensemble's dance teacher, Ms. Miligeng, expressed her happiness about the opportunity to learn a little from foreign folklore.

The group "Yablanska ogarlitsa" - Yablanitsa (Bulgaria) took part in the "live" folklore communication with the dance "Shirto", typical of the Macedonian ethnographic region and with the "Danube dance" - from the Northern Bulgarian folklore region.

Fun, variety, friendships and photos - there are many emotions that accompany the performers in this unforgettable meeting of nations!

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