9 June 2020     Championships 

Ensemble "Folklorika" to School for folklore dances "Folklorika" - Sofia (Bulgaria) is the winner of the gold medal, the title "National Champion 2018" in the category "Folk Dance Group, Contemporary Choreography" and the nomination for the Grand Prix "Golden Orpheus" at the IX Bulgarian National Championship of  Folklore "Euro Folk" 2018

"This is a very well organized festival that supports the Bulgarian and promotes the world culture. We have returned and participated in the forum for the second time to show that we are continuing to walk the same way." - this is how the artistic director of the Ensemble, Mrs. Evelina Pavlova, commented on the participation in the music festival.

In the last two years, the group has performed on stages in South Korea, Turkey and Indonesia.

"Folklorika" amazes the audience and the jury of the IX Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore with their performance of three dances – "Pirinski polah", "Po grozdober" and "Shopska syuita".

Enjoy the nimble choreographies performed by the young dancers!