Pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 spread affected the processes of preservation and dissemination of folklore worldwide. In accordance with that the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF made a research. The research involved also the artistic director of KSD "Bambi" Mr Vladan Radojkovic. He took part in an online interview in order to share more details about the work of the group in conditions of pandemic and how is it possible to preserve the traditions in the current situation, according to him. 

The group represented by Mr Radojkovic is among the winners of the Xth European Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk" 2018 - winner of Golden medal in category "Folklore ensembles - authentic folklore" and the Nomination for the Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus". KSD "Bambi" is one of the oldest associations in Vienna and the purpose of the cultural and sports association is to represent the Serbian community who live in Austria since 1970.

Here are details about the situation in Vienna and how KSD "Bambi" manages to preserve the Serbian folklore.

Hi, how are you?

Hello. I'm very glad you are interested in us. We are doing great. We hope so are you.

Where are you at the moment?
Me and my team are in Vienna right now. We are living and working here.

Your team is among the winners in X European Championship of Folklore "Euro folk 2018", held under the auspices of EAFF, what memories do you keep from this participation?
Yes, we won in the EAFF championship in 2018. We have beautiful memories of it...We hope that we can participate in one of your festivals again in close future. We are telling everyone and and everywhere about it, that we were part of it and winners. 

What is the current epidemiological situation in your country?
The epidemiological situation in Austria is getting better and more stable every day. We are expecting the measure to be loosened up even more, so that we can go back in the rehearsal room and continue with our work in the field of traditions and folklore.

Do you manage to rehearse with the group in pandemic conditions?
Unfortunately it wasn't possible to rehearse due to the social distancing measures. In the beginning only people who live together were allowed to have contact. It was really strict. We tried to rehearse via the Internet, but didn't really work out, so now we can't wait to continue where we have stopped.

How do you conduct rehearsals?
Of course this situation is having an impact on the preservation of every tradition and folklore. It is very problematic. It is a really long period, where it's impossible to rehearse. We tried via the Internet, but it didn't really work out. As you know, our dances are danced in circles and semi-circles, where the dancers are connected. So everyone tried to rehearse some dances from home alone. That's all we managed to do.

Do you think that the new situation has a negative impact on the processes of preservation and spread of folklore?
Like I said, it's really hard to preserve traditions in such a situation. As you know, we have to rehearse in a rehearsal room and everything is happening in the rehearsal room or on the terrain. And this is impossible in the moment.


Do you have your own idea or observation of how traditions can be preserved in the new situation?
The only possibility and proposal is to give "homework" via the Internet. Currently there are no other opinions. But we are expecting the government to allow us to continue our work very soon.


Would you participate in a webinar with a sample topic "The folklore in conditions of social isolation"?
I, personality, am always open to seminars and all kinds of suggestions. I would be pleased to take part in one of your seminars, but the biggest problem is that I don't speak English. Otherwise I would be glad to take part.

How long after the end of social isolation would you be ready for a stage performance?
In my opinion it will take us at least one to two months to get back in shape and regain enough energy so that we can perform some of our program and repertoire. One month is very optimistic, I believe that two months are more realistic. But we will give our best so that this can happen as soon and well as possible.


Vladan Radojkovic ended the interview with the following words: "Finally, I would like to send greetings to all of you. I want you to be happy, satisfied, healthy and to continue to preserve the traditions by organizing your beautiful festivals".