The fish is a symbol of the feminine principle. According to many cultures, it is a sign of fertility and procreation, embodying the power of water and their ability to generate and preserve life.

"Shinik" for the Bulgarians in the past, in addition to being a food container, was also considered as a quantitative measure for the grain products that could be collected in it.

The role of fishing nets and pots is important, but not only in the sea or in the fields where we are used to seeing them, but also at folklore events, part of the Music Feasts "Euro Folk".

Fun and good mood are created by the attractive dances, imitating work activities, with the help of the fishing nets and the item, which embodies the old quantitative measure for grain products.

Fishing nets - Folklore ensemble "Bungong Aceh" at the University "Gadjah Mada" - Yogyakarta (Indonesia) presented a choreography that emotionally depicts the knitting of fishing nets on the XIX Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk" in 2015. The dance called "Ratoeh" was created in 1989 by Mr Saibra Ibrahim and tells the story of people from the Aceh region. Performers show how the women wait for the sailors who enter the sea to return home to provide for the family by fishing. The dance is traditional, but with modern choreography. The costumes are not authentic, but are made in modern times. Often the artistic contribution of women is expressed both by performing complex and synchronous movements, and by singing various melodic songs.

Shinik (wooden pot) - It is a cylindrical wooden container for grain foods with a capacity of 8-10 kg. It is main part of the dance "Shinici" presented by Dance group "Ludi mladi" at "Sava Dobroplodni" Secondary School - Shumen (Bulgaria) on the Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk" in 2015. The dance by Kiril Dzhenev presents the typical movements for agricultural work, which were part of the everyday life of the old Bulgarians. The men who take part in the thematic for the Dobrudzha folklore region dance competition imitate the labor processes of sowing wheat in the fields. The performers express their joy from the well done work, even dancing on the pots.

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