29 June 2020     Interesting facts 

Folklore dance ensemble "Rotala" (Riga, Latvia) is winner of First prize Golden "Orpheus" in the category "Folklore dances - processed folklore" in the XII Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk" 2015. 

"Ensemble was established in 1946 and I, as the artistic leader, am working for its prosperity for more than 15 years. We were on stages in the whole world. Every year we have 2-3 journeys in different countries. I think it will be easier to say where we have not performed than where we have presented our repertoire" said the artistic director of the group, Mr. Gints Baumanis, in front of the cameras of Eurofolk TV.

The performers from "Rotala" present folklore not in its pure form, but in the form of dances that are made especially for the stage. The choreographies of the Latvian participants are dynamic and interesting and this was appreciated by both the jury and the audience.

One of the dances with which the Ensemble presented itself during the Black Sea Fest is the forest fairy tale using colored wreaths, called "Vazaras dziesmas". Enjoy its plot and the artistic images created by the movements of the dancers.