6 July 2020     Interesting facts  Cup 

During the second edition of the World Cup of Folklore, held in May 2017 in the old Bulgarian capital - Veliko Tarnovo, the residents of the city had the honor to meet closely with Indonesian folklore, as on the stages of the forum it was presented not by one but by three different ensembles.

The "SMAN 28 JAKARTA" from the island of Java, Indonesia was nominated for the Grand Prix of the Cup and winners of a Golden medal in the category "Ensembles of authentic folklore". The participants, who deserved the authoritative title, presented themselves with very attractive costumes, decorated with flowers and large bird feathers.

Indonesian dances carry many symbols and each of them depicts a specific event, history or local legend on the stage. The choreography performed by the young participants tells the story of the bird Engang from the Indonesian island of Kalimantan. The fire lit during the attractive program, the ritual and the spectacular costumes are used by the people to pray to the Gods. The leaders of the ensemble explain that this dance is performed at a special ceremony as a ritual prayer.

The captivating performance of the students from the Java School of Arts immersed the audience in the magic of Indonesian customs.
Enjoy the folklore show "Different is Beautiful"!