Dance group "Nouvelle Epoque" from Quebec (Canada) won the gold medal in the category "Folklore dance groups - modern choreography" and won the nomination for the Grand Prix of the VIII World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2018.

The group was formed in 1995, 25 years ago, and the performers learn Irish dances, as there are Canadians with Irish roots among them. 

In the beginning, the dancers started to present traditional folklore, but later they turned to the presentation of neo-folklore. The participants in the Championship made the choreographies themselves and created their steps. Тhe most important thing for them is the rhythm and coordination. The sound is no less important for the attractiveness of the performances of Canadians, who create a lot of unusual noise during their performances. 

"Before the Championship, before we came here, we spent many hours rehearsing and training. We try to be smiling and having fun on stage" says the artistic director of "Nouvelle Epoque"- Mrs. Lorraine Gaudreu.

"We are very surprised by the award. We feel wonderful… ", commented one of the members of the dance group Mr Sylvain Martin in front of the cameras of "EurofolkTV"

Bulgaria is the seventh country the group has visited, but "World Folk" is the first competition on which "Irish dancers" from Canada have performed.

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