The members of Ensemble “Poligrodzianie”, most of whom are students at the Poznan University of  Technology (Poznan, Poland), showed their love for singing, dancing and playing on the stages of V World Championship of folklore “World Folk” 2015.

The Ensemble at the Technical University has more than 40 years of history and it continues to accumulate a number of awards, occasions for pride and joy. At “World Folk 2015”, “Poligrodzianie” became winner of the golden medal, the title “Absolute world champion for 2015” in the category “Folklore ensembles – processed performances” and the nomination “Golden Orpheus”.

In Bulgaria, the performers declared the beauty of their culture, presenting 12 different regions of Poland with their typical music, national dances and various handmade costumes.

“The city we come from was the second capital of Poland and is wonderful - very lively, full of students, industry and traffic.”, said the artistic director of the Ensemble, Mrs. Marzenna Biegla – Howorska.

Watch the video clip for the young people, featured in the movie for V World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2015”. 

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