Folklore group “A Yin” (Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China) was established in April 2009. The repertoire of singers, dancers and instrumentalists is authentic for China. The performances carry the spirit of Mongolian nationality. Artistic director of the formation, which performed at the V World Championship of Folklore “World Folk” 2015, is Mr. Erdenbuhe.

Typical of the artists' stage program is the sound-extracting “matochin”, whose name literally means "horse's head."

Through the folk song called "chan pio”, which tells of an already married girl, yearning for her homeland, Mrs. Tian Liang demonstrates the beauty of singing, typical of Inner Mongolia. The melody has no rhythm, because it was usually performed in large steppe spaces.

Through his dance, Mr. Hudele expresses his gratitude to his homeland, to nature, to heaven and to his parents.

Folklore group "A Yin" won the golden medal, the title "World Champion of Folklore for 2015" in the category "Folklore Instrumental Groups" and the nomination "Golden Orpheus", taking second place in the final ranking of the V World Championship of Folklore “World Folk” in 2015.

The Counselor for Cultural Affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria – Mr. In Yali shared his impressions from the presentation of “A Yin” in front of the cameras of Eurofolk TV: "It was very interesting for me. Tonight we enjoyed a very nice concert.I am very pleased with the performance of our group, because the performers are very specific. Even in China we can rarely see such good concert performances - there are a total of 56 ethnic groups and each of them has its own culture, its own characteristics …”.


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