28 July 2020     Championships 

The Dance ensemble "Vizerunki" from Poltava (Ukraine) is winner of the Golden medal in the "Groups of folklore dances - modern choreography" category and the Nomination for the Grand Prix of the XI European Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk" 2019.

"There are participants of different ages in our group - from 20 to 50-60 years old. Age doesn't matter because the most important thing is that we receive great pleasure while dancing...", said the choreographer of the Ensemble - Mrs Elena Titarenko. 

Participants from Ukraine presented folklore dances from the region of Poltava by Ukranian choreographer Nina Uvarova. Performers try to preserve her style and to pass it on to the next generations.

"Before coming to Bulgaria, we have taken part in festivals in Ukraine, Northern Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Ukraine. Although we are a very young group, we do not wait, we do not stand at one place. We travel and show our skills. We have many awards - three times we have received Grand Prix, in Greece, Austria and Czech Republic.", added Mr Valeri Shulika - art director of the Group "Vizerunki"

Enjoy the folklore dance "Sito" - part of the program of the group in the European Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk"  2019.