31 July 2020     Festivals  Interesting facts 

Folklore ensemble at KUD "Pušća" from Donja Pušća (Zagreb, Croatia) has taken part in the XVI Black Sea Fest "Euro folk - 2019". The ensemble won the first prize Golden "Orpheus" in the category "Folklore mixed ensembles - authentic performances". 

The group was established in 1998 from several folklore enthusiasts from Zagreb and Zaprešić (towns in Croatia). On the stage of the XVI Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk - 2019" the performers presented folklore from two regions of their homeland - Međimurje (Northern Croatia) and Croatian Zagorje (Northwestern Croatia). The musicians reproduced the accompaniment of the wonderful choreographies with the help of mostly string instruments - tambourine, prim, bass, brach. The participants in the forum can perform more than 200 dances, characterizing the folklore of the whole of Croatia.

The folklore ensemble has presented its rich folklore program to audiences in Poland, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Lithuania and many other countries.

You can watch the performance of the talents from KUD "Pušća" on the "Sea Stage" in the town of Tsarevo (Bulgaria) on the video.