The Ensemble for songs and dances at the Culture Department of the Tashkent District (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) won a gold medal in the category "Folklore mixed ensembles - authentic folklore" and was nominated for the Grand Prix for their impressive performance in the XI European Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk" 2019.

"We are participating in this forum for the second time. The previous year we also participated and were also nominated for the Grand Prix. We are very happy, we are glad that we received this award. Thank you all! During the festival we showed national folklore music and dances of Uzbekistan. The group works in the Tashkent region.", with these words Mr. Sarvarbek Fozilionov from the Ministry of Culture - Uzbekistan summarized his impressions about the Championship.

In their stage program, the performers showed the direction in music and songs called "makam". The word "mak" in Uzbek and Tajik traditional music translates as "cyclical genre" - a standardized set of a number of pieces (from 15 to 50). Makamas as a form of traditional music are mainly oral. The dances performed by the participants are typical for five regions of the country - Ferghana-Tashkent, Bukhara, Khorezm, Surkhan and Karakalpak.

In the video, the musicians of the Ensemble present the instruments with which they reproduce the musical accompaniment of the beautiful choreographies:

  • Ghijak - made of walnut wood
  • Nay - made of bamboo and metal
  • Ud - the most famous instrument in Uzbekistan, which is characterized by ensuring harmony in performance
  • Doira - one of the most ancient instruments in the history of Uzbekistan. In their national music, the instrument is important for the rhythm and it is made of leather.


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