An overview music-documentary film recreates the atmosphere behind the scenes, the excitement, the joy and the anticipation of the performers at the XVI International Folklore Festival "Euro Folk - Black Sea" 2020. The forum was held on the stage "Kremikovtzi" in Kiten (Bulgaria) and despite the complex situation in the country and around the world, caused by the spread of COVID-19, provided a field for the presentation of folklore dance and music arts, customs and traditional treasures.
The competition program was held in the period July 8-13, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, providing an opportunity for expression of tens of singers, musicians and dancers from all regions of Bulgaria. Performance on the stage of the music festival turned out to be the first of the year for the performers.

The cameras of EurofolkTV, the main media partner of the event, captured the impressions and the mood of the folklore performers."After the pandemic, this is our first participation and it was very much awaited by everyone dancing in the club. We recently got together when the rehearsals resumed and we had a little time to train, but we wanted to come a lot.", said in front of the reporter's team of the folklore television Mrs. Maya Barbazonova - artistic director of the Club "Yambolsko nastroenie".

The 30-minute film, through its synthesized footage, will take you to the heart of the most captivating concert performances and the most curious interviews.
You can watch the new production of EurofolkTV studio here.

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