Vitaly Ermachkov is a graduate of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (Russia), winner of a golden medal, the title of "World Champion of Folklore in 2015" in the category "Folklore music - individual performers" and the nomination Golden "Orpheus", in the framework of the V World Championship of Folklore "World folk".

"Since the second year in the university I have been studying in the class of Prof. Kravtsov at the University of Culture in St. Petersburg. You could say that I'm just lucky that I came across him - that's great luck. And that's why I now play his system, his "accordion". As a teacher - Mr. Kravtsov is wonderful. You can see the results - I was nominated for the Grand Prix, and I didn't expect that to happen. I really like the Bulgarian works for accordion!”, shared Vitaly Ermachkov in front of the cameras of EurofolkTV.

The young musician says that the accordion, created according to Kravtsov's system, is a bit smaller. It has fewer keys that are connected and are more rounded, so that the music flow can be made easier. The bottom row of keys has been moved up to make it convenient to play virtuoso works. The professor invented this instrument with the idea of accordionists are on a par with the bayan players.

For the first time, through a specialized "Zoom meeting" channel, the realization of the online edition of the Master Class "Accordion Kravtsov" is forthcoming. The most anticipated educational event for accordionists will be held in the period October 23-25, 2020. The musicians will be mentored by the Honored Artist in Russia, Professor, Candidate of Art History, Dean of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Art, laureate of the "Zolototaya Kniga Otechestva" ("Golden Book of the Motherland") - Prof. Nikolay Kravtsov.

You can apply for participation!

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