21 August 2020     Championships 

The art that the performers Jeong-ah and Jang Moon-hee from Seoul (South Korea) presented on the stage became a sensation during the Vth World Championship of Folklore "World Folk". Participants showed skills in playing two of the typical musical instruments of South Korea - gayageum and geomungo.

The first instrument reproduces sounds through its 12 silk strings, and the second - after pressing its strings to 16 wooden thresholds located on the right side of the body of the musical instrument.

From time immemorial, Koreans have valued the joys of life. Therefore, Korean music is very joyful, but at the same time it can be static, moderate, and again enthusiastic and lively.

The performers are dressed in traditional Korean clothes called hanbok. The costume consists of two parts made of silk. The upper part is called "jeogori" and the lower part (skirt) is known as "chima".

Jeong-ah and Jang Moon-hee left the forum as gold medal winners, bearers of the title "World Folklore Champion in 2015" in the "Folklore music - individual performers" category, and nominees for the Golden "Orpheus" of the forum.