Due to the pandemic, the traditional International Folklore Festival in Brazil has been updated and rediscovered its form.

For the first time in 28 years, the Brazilian Association of Folklore and Popular Arts Festival Organizers (ABrasOFFA) hosted the International Folklore Festival in Brazil online. The web event took place on August 22 and 23, 2020, and its theme was "Folklore brings us together with earth dances for peace."

The participants got acquainted with the culture of different countries for two days, in the comfort of their home and without having to board a plane.

"The festival aimed to save, preserve and unite nations' cultures. There was exchange of more than 100 countries", says Helena Lurenzo, President of ABrasOFFA.

The Brazilian Association of Folklore and Popular Arts Festival Organizers already represents Brazil as one of the non-governmental organizations awarded for "Best Peace Initiatives" by UNESCO. 

Groups from more than 18 countries performed on the "stages" of the online forum. The most prominent performers presented the folklore of Romania, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Brazil, Ghana, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

Accompanying events were organized within the festival also. The parallel projects were aimed at: Celebrating 50 years of Earth Day, Planting the Tree of Peace, Steps to Peace, Looking at Peace, Clothing of Peace, Memorial Seal at the Post Office.

The idea of the organizers is to show that all nations are together, at a time when conflicts and wars are forgotten.

The participants were greeted by the Doctor of folklore music and dance, director, choreographer, pedagogue, honorary cultural figure, Deputy Chairman of the Commission № 6 (folk music and dance) of IOV - UNESCO - Mr. Valko Lyubenov.