The scientific conference with international participation "Living cultural heritage - preservation, practices, information technologies" will be held online in the period 20-22 November 2020.

During the interdisciplinary event, current issues on the global topic of preservation, presentation and digitalization of cultural heritage will be discussed.
The LCH-2020 forum will provide an opportunity to discuss a broad-spectrum interpretation of the concept of living cultural heritage. On the one hand - as a phenomenon of vital cultural practices and in general - as a scientifically systematized digital content of various tangible and intangible values from museums, archives, community centers and others.

The sharing of the Bulgarian and foreign experience in the specialized and interdisciplinary research, the exchange of modern information technology solutions, will be useful in achieving meaningful and technologically updated living knowledge about cultural heritage.

There are 11 research areas, within which the contents of the materials presented at the Conference can be broadly covered: "Digital Humanities", "Ethnology and Folklore", "History, Archeology, Archival Science", "Art History", "Computer Science", "Cultural and historical heritage and creative industries: access, security and legal protection", "Marketing in the field of culture: cultural tourism, tourist routes", "Museology of the 21st century", "Providing access to cultural and historical heritage for people with disabilities", "Serious games in the field of cultural and historical heritage", "Theology".

Research institutes, universities, cultural institutions, organizations are invited to exchange experiences, ideas and results on the topics of the Conference.

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20 – 22 November 2020 Online

International Scientific Conference LCH-2020

Nessebar Bulgaria