2 September 2020     Championships 

After publishing the video performances on the online platform of EAFF, on September 2nd, 2020 begin the online voting for the online musical competition "Asia Folk".

You can watch the videos of 11 groups and individual performers on the special platform on the website of EAFF. Participants are taking part in the festival with the Mongolian folklore song "Ser ser salhi" processed by them with traditional for their nation instruments combining the Mongolian traditions with the folklore wealth of Indonesia, Iran, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania, Malaysia, Slovenia and Poland. 

If you have a favorite performer, or you yourself are a worthy participant in the competition, you can share the following link with relatives, friends and acquaintances to collect your performance as many votes as possible until 15.09.2020:  https://eaff.eu/en/online-festival-vote/1004-2711-asia-folk-2020-special-edition-online-music-contest 

The winners will be announced by September 15, 2020.