8 September 2020     Festival-Contest 

The absolute winner of the XVII edition of the Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk" this year is Ensemble "Kapantsi", Getsovo village (Bulgaria). Performers received the Grand Prix and the prize Golden "Orpheus". This year the festival was attended by almost 70 vocal groups, dance groups, orchestras, ensembles and individual performers from all the ethnographic areas of Bulgaria. The stage of "Kremikovtsi" Hotel (Kiten) hosted 1000 singers, dancers and musicians who expressed their love to folklore and turned the festival into one of the most colorful musical events of the Music Feasts "Euro Folk".

The jury commission has the aim to assess the performances of the participants in 6 categories and 2 age groups and consists of: Mr Damyan Damyanov - choreographer, Mrs. Mariana Nutsova - ethnologist, script writer and director of EuroFolkTV studios, Maestro Georgi Yankov - musical expert and choir conductor, who assessed the participants online.

You can watch the live broadcasting of the two 4-hour concerts that were held on 4th September and 5th September and also the official awarding ceremony.

First prize Golden "Orpheus" in the category "Groups for folklore songs - authentic folklore" went to Group "Orehovo" at the "Rodopsko badeshte 1895" Community center from Orehovo village (Bulgaria) and the Ensemble "Georgi Chilingirov" at the "Otets Paisiy 1926" from Polkovnik Serafimovo village (Bulgaria). 

Golden "Orpheus" in the category "Groups for folklore songs - processed folklore" went to Folklore trio "Avliga" at the "Peyo Kr. Yavorov 1978" Community center from Dupnitsa, Kyustendil region, Bulgaria (chamber composition) and to the representatives of the village of Katuntsi, Folklore vocal ensemble "Sharena kitka" at the "Prosveta 1935" Community center (for ensembles).

In the category "Groups for folklore songs, modern arrangement - choirs", the prize Golden "Orpheus" went to Mixed folklore choir at the "Napredak 1969" Community center from Pirdop, Bulgaria. 

Trio "IMPRESIA" at the "V. Levski 1861" Community center from Karlovo, Bulgaria won the Golden "Orpheus" in the category "Old urban songs".

Dance ensemble "Suhanche" at the "Asen Zlatarov 1921" Community center from Suhache village, Bulgaria won the Golden "Orpheus" in the category "Groups for folklore dances, modern choreography, up to 18 years of age". 

For their authentic performance, Ensemble for spring folklore "Denizlertsi" that includes both Dance group "Denizlertsi" and Mummers youth group "Cherni kukeri" at the "Svetlina 1904" Community center from the village of Varnentsi, municipality Tutrakan won the first prize in their genre category.

In the category "Dance clubs", the prize went to Dance club "Kitka" from Krumovgrad, Bulgaria.

The jury also awarded the Ensemble "Georgi Chilingirov" at the "Otets Paisiy 1926" from Polkovnik Serafimovo village, Bulgaria, they won first prize. 

Special prize of the Kiten City hall, Mayor Nikolay Markov - statue and a Diploma for participation and honorable presentation of folklore art in the XVII edition of the Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk" went to "Hristo Smirnenski" Community center, Cherni Vit village, Bulgaria. 

Organizers Euro Folk Academy also prepared a special prize - Diploma for essential contribution to the preservation and development of folklore arts went to Mr Marin Yotov from Cherni Vit village. He kept the flag of Georgi Benkovski for several decades. Replica of the relic could be seen during the award ceremony.

"The tradition and spiritual wealth of our ancestors, which we pass on to future generations, is not a purpose for a small group of people. The spread of traditions is the only way in the future for people, united by their cultural identity to have the strength to overcome the hardships of the time, to have the courage to deal with various crises - political, economic, health, not only social but also personal. " - with these words the President of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov officially closed the edition of the Festival in 2020.