19 October 2020     Festivals 

Get ready for 2021 - the year of new festivals and destinations.
On the website of EAFF you can check all the newly announced dates and locations of 137 festivals, which will be held in 22 countries.

Folklore is beautiful and deserves to be shared with the whole world. Have you decided what your next festival destination will be?

With its 31 already published festival proposals, Northern Macedonia ranks among the most prepared host countries. Montenegro is responding to the urge to perform with 17 folklore events. The Balkan Peninsula preserves the traditions of the nations with the help of its representative countries TurkeyBulgariaGreece and Serbia, which even before the start of next year have announced the organization of respectively 12, 11, 9 and 3 prestigious forums.

The geographical and historical region of Southeast Europe will also welcome representatives of traditional arts through gorgeous festivals organized in AlbaniaCroatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The territorial scope of EAFF covers the music and dance events from Brazil, through Morocco, all the way to India. Check out the regulations of the new editions, which are organized in ArmeniaGeorgiaSpainItaly, the United KingdomPolandRussiaHungaryFrance and the Czech Republic

The new festival dates and destinations for the next year are constantly being enriched, so check regularly the current additions to forums held under the auspices of the EAFF.