23 October 2020     Championships 

You can share your work in the field of preservation of folklore art with the performers, viewers and the jury of the IX Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk - Jiva Voda" 2021.

The event will be held from 3rd to 7th of June, 2021 in Hisarya - town host will impress all performers, revealing to them its rich millennial history and beautiful natural features.

The location was not chosen by chance, as it will contribute to the connection of the folklore lovers with the roots of the authentic wealth, preserved to this day.

The organizers aim to promote the folklore heritage and carry out its main mission - the transmission of its beauty, using professional audio and television equipment and broadcasting many times on their media channels, including the television "EuroFolkTV".

A professional photographer will take photos of the participants in order for them to carry stored memories of the parade, concert programs and accompanying forum events in the future.

In previous editions on the stage of "Euro Folk - Jiva Voda", groups and individual performers from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey and Italy presented their works.

Get acquainted with interesting information about the music festival in previous years - herе.

Apply for participation in the forum and develop your potential, because one of the groups will become the winner of the Grand Prix "Euro Folk 2021" - Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus", gold medal and the title "Absolute Balkan Champion of Folklore for 2021", and this will bring the participants a cash prize of 1000 Euro, provided by the Municipality of Hisarya.

Show your talents and you can also win golden, silver, bronze medals, laureate titles and special prizes.